Cherry Jello Poke Cake – and driving way too fast


Cherry Jello Poke Cake


I have officially lost my taste for driving in the city. I can’t handle it! This past weekend I drove over to the big city of Austin, Texas for a MommyCon Mini. It’s been years since I’ve driven in a city with more than 20,000 people in it. Anything bigger than a two-lane road makes my palms sweat. I was a little freaked out when I merged into the flow of traffic as I entered Austin.

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Stolen Toast Tastes Better


As a mom, I forfeit everything. I have no rights to anything in my home. Not even a slice of toast.

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Cake Mix Cookies: Lemon with White Chocolate


I love anything lemon. Lemon cake, lemonade, lemon bars – and certainly these delicious lemon cookies. Once again we’re using cake mix to make quick and easy cookies in a flash. My oldest daughter decided to join in on the fun while I was trying to snap a few pictures for this recipe post.

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Wordless Wednesday: Pants On Your Head


Some days you just have to wear pants on your head.

Happy (silly) Wordless Wednesday!


“Man is the most intelligent of the animals – and the most silly.”Diogenes


Being a Mommy Can be Kind of Gross


“The number of times I’ve examined a substance on my person and wondered ‘Is this poop?’ is entirely too high.” – Amanda Coers

All in a day's work

All in a day’s work

Motherhood is awesome. Raising little people and watching traces of you and the one you love most emerge in facial features and funny quirks is one of God’s most wonderful blessings. Sweet moments spent snuggling warm babies and feeling their soft skin against your cheek are precious. Sharing a laugh with an older child lights up my heart. Being a mom is the best.

It’s also pretty gross.

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QOTD: “Amen”

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Our fourth child, Abigail, is almost two years old. She’s this wonderful, funny, little person who soaks up everything in our home. She’s an amazing little learning machine. It’s a very fun time with miss Abby around.

We normally eat dinner at the table together as a family. Before we eat, we pray and thank God for his blessings. Dad leads us in prayer and we hold hands with each other and say “amen” when he’s finished blessing our food. Abby is so sweet when she flashes a happy grin and says her little “amen” along with us.

Abby mug

Precious and Precocious

Recently Dad was addressing some unpleasant behavior displayed by one of the Bigs. He was sternly lecturing, we were sitting quietly, the Bigs nodding.

He made his point and we all picked up our forks to resume eating.

Abby nodded solemnly and added, “Amen.”

It was nearly impossible to keep from laughing.

QOTD: “Are there any I can buy?”


Homeschooling may have its drawbacks. For instance, my children might be a little too sheltered.

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