Cake Mix Cookie Roundup: Our Top 10 Family Favorites

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I may have to start calling myself The Cake Mix Cookie Queen. I love making cake mix cookies. It’s so simple to take a box of cake mix, add butter and a couple of eggs and a few yummy extras and make a delicious batch of cookies in a flash. I’ve come up with several cake mix cookie recipes for our family blog, and in this post you’ll find our family’s top ten favorites.

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Cake Mix Cookies: Chocolate Chip

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Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

Is there anything more wonderful than a warm, chewy, chocolate chip cookie? I don’t think so, my friend. Nothing makes you feel more cozy than a pan full of freshly-baked cookies. I’m picky about my cookies. I want them to be buttery, moist, chewy with a hint of crisping around the edges and packed full of chocolate chips. In the past I’ve made them from scratch – but now that I’ve discovered how easily I can get the same homemade results using boxed cake mix my world has been forever changed!

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Cake Mix Cookies: Funfetti and M&M


These cookies are a little party in every bite! I love all the color from the funfetti sprinkles and the M&Ms.

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Cake Mix Cookies: German Chocolate


I actually feel like a mad genius for figuring these out. My all-time favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake. It’s my choice for birthday cake – or any other day of the year for that matter. It’s the frosting that makes it for me: creamy caramel, coconut, chopped pecans… oh my!

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Cake Mix Cookies: Lemon with White Chocolate


I love anything lemon. Lemon cake, lemonade, lemon bars – and certainly these delicious lemon cookies. Once again we’re using cake mix to make quick and easy cookies in a flash. My oldest daughter decided to join in on the fun while I was trying to snap a few pictures for this recipe post.

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Piña Colada cookies made with cake mix


Cake mix cookies drive quite a bit of traffic to our site through Pinterest and search engine queries. I’ve been inspired by the increased hits on our site to provide several more recipes, and possibly an ecookbook sometime in the near future.

I can often find cake mixes on sale. Recently I was able to pick up several boxes for .87 cents each! One of the flavors I procured was pineapple. I knew in a flash I needed to make a Piña Colada cookie.

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Cake Mix Cookies: Devil’s Food Chocolate Chunk


Some friends of ours recently welcomed their first child into the world. I love blessing new mamas with a meal. Personally, I think it’s the best way to love someone: feed them. Cookies are a great dessert for new moms. We happily whipped up a batch of these decadent treats for our friends to enjoy while they fall in love with their new baby girl.

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