Laundry Soap Recipe and what your Pinterest boards and pins say about you

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Coers Family Laundry Soap


Our family of eight – soon to be nine – can dirty up some clothes, let me tell you. Plus we have twins in cloth diapers. Our laundry is no joke. To save money, my husband recently explored Pinterest to look for a good DIY homemade laundry soap recipe. I’m always fascinated when I catch a guy on Pinterest. It’s like seeing a wild animal wandering around in the city.

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Wordless Wednesday: One Fine Day


This past Saturday we enjoyed a lovely time outside on a beautiful Spring day.


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Ways to Shine

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“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

As Christians we are called to show God’s love to the world. How do we show love? Through actions. Not because we feel like we “should” – but because this love inside us is so great it spills out on the lives of those around us. Christ told us to love your neighbor. We are all neighbors. If you share this earth with me, you’re my neighbor.

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Giveaway: MommyCon Ticket!


In May I’ll be attending the Texas MommyCon Mini in Austin. My sister lives there with her twin daughters and we’ll be attending together with both sets of twins. I’m very excited!

What’s MommyCon you ask?

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CDFC: We did it!

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We did it! A full month of using our cloth diapers regularly here at home – and four full Fridays of Cloth Diapers for a Cause.

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All tuckered out after a full day of saving money

We successfully used our cloth diapers consistently here at the house to save $25 to donate to World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. Having a goal helped keep us on track during the days when it would have been easy to give in and use disposables.

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CDFC: A Look at the Diapers We Love

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It’s Day 3 of Cloth Diapers for a Cause here at the Coers house.

Just to recap: disposable diapers cost about 36 cents each. With three little bottoms to cover, we could spend almost $8 a day on diapers. By using cloth diapers daily here in our home, we can save about $2,900 a year. On Fridays, the money we save using cloth diapers will be set aside to donate to World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. In just four Fridays, we will save $25 – enough for a small donation to help provide clean water for families in another country.

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CDFC: A Small Set Back


Four out of our six children are sick. Our Littles: six-month-old twins and our 20-month old, and our oldest Big: the 14-year-old, are all coughing running low-grade fevers and generally feeling miserable. It’s a sad day at Casa de Coers.

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