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Hi friends!

We’d like to invite y’all to visit our new site:

Notice that oh-so-important “the” in front of our name? That’s right, we’re THE Coers Family. It’s legit now. Over there you’ll find all the latest recipe posts, funny stories, parenting tips and more from our family. We want y’all to keep in touch and stay connected to us through our new and improved site.

You can also stay connected though FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. We’re all over the place! So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and hang out with us for a spell. We’re sure glad you stopped by.


Training for a bigger event


Recently I had been training for my first 5K this upcoming September. But God has revealed his plan for a much grander event, coming this Winter.

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Thankful Thursday: 9 Months of Breastfeeding


This is officially the longest I’ve breastfed any of my children. With each of my previous four I’ve had to wean before I was really ready. With my first I made it four months before introducing a bottle undermined our efforts. With my second, only two months – then returning to work made it almost impossible to keep going. With my third I managed to go for a full eight months, then when I returned to college I introduced a bottle and she was weaned shortly after. I was dedicated to breastfeeding baby number four for at least a year, maybe the first two – but I became pregnant with the twins when she was only five months old and my body could not keep up.

But as of this past Sunday I’ve been breastfeeding the twins exclusively for nine full months!

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Giveaway: MommyCon Ticket!


In May I’ll be attending the Texas MommyCon Mini in Austin. My sister lives there with her twin daughters and we’ll be attending together with both sets of twins. I’m very excited!

What’s MommyCon you ask?

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Beautiful Mama Blog Award



My sweet friend Valerie nominated us for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award! We love Valerie’s blog, full of great recipes, fun stories of her family, breastfeeding and natural birth articles, and more.

The great thing about being a mom blogger is finding other mom bloggers. I enjoy getting to know moms like me with full days raising their children, tackling laundry, sharing recipes, snuggling babies, laughing, crying, loving. Motherhood is beautiful and messy.

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Being a Mommy Can be Kind of Gross


“The number of times I’ve examined a substance on my person and wondered ‘Is this poop?’ is entirely too high.” – Amanda Coers

All in a day's work

All in a day’s work

Motherhood is awesome. Raising little people and watching traces of you and the one you love most emerge in facial features and funny quirks is one of God’s most wonderful blessings. Sweet moments spent snuggling warm babies and feeling their soft skin against your cheek are precious. Sharing a laugh with an older child lights up my heart. Being a mom is the best.

It’s also pretty gross.

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Yes, Breastfeeding Moms Can Give Blood

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Can breastfeeding moms donate blood?


I’m currently breastfeeding twins and today I happily trekked over to the United Blood Services Blood Mobile to donate.

I'm just happy to get to sit down without someone climbing all over me

I’m just happy to get to sit down without someone climbing all over me

When I was breastfeeding baby number four, I rolled up my sleeves and donated blood. Breastfeeding moms can donate blood without worry about their milk supply being affected. Before you roll up your sleeve to do your part, there are a few things to consider:

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