Training for a bigger event


Recently I had been training for my first 5K this upcoming September. But God has revealed his plan for a much grander event, coming this Winter.


We are happy to announce we’re expecting our seventh child. It’s still early in our pregnancy – and we debated whether or not to share our good news just yet. But we trust in the Lord’s plan for our family and this baby. Whether this pregnancy continues to thrive throughout the sometimes uncertain first trimester, or should He decide to call this child back to His arms, it is all up to God. Fretting about what could happen won’t change anything at all. So we decided to announce our newest joy and share our happiness with you.

Now, I know. Some of the reactions right now might not be so joyous. We’re there too. The incredulous gasping, “seven?!” is heard here in our house too. Seven children is a LOT of children. We’re not blind to that fact. The ramifications of such a large family are fully realized as we examine our budget and resources.

But God has been so good to bless us already. The day we found out we were expecting again we were informed of an increase in resources and we were honored by God’s blessing of provision for our family. We know He will continue to provide for our needs as we welcome another baby into our home.

I’ve always said, “There’s never a good time to have a baby. And it’s always a good time to have a baby.” It’s true. When we look with rational eyes and try to plan out each step of the course, it just never looks good on paper. But a new life is a celebration. God has blessed us beyond belief. I’m blown away by his confidence in my abilities as a mother.

Just five years ago, I cried on a regular basis – devastated that I could not have more children because I had chosen to be sterilized. I could not see a way to undo what I had done and I was sure I might not ever experience the joy of a new life in my arms. And now God has blessed me above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I’m humbled by His answered prayers.

At first this pregnancy was emotionally painful. This very same time a few years ago, after my tubal ligation reversal, I had lost our first pregnancy post surgery. It was my first miscarriage and my heart was broken. Now God has blessed me again at the very same time. For the one life lost – He has given me four more to love: Abigail, the twins Harmony and David, and this newest baby. My cup is truly running over.

I am sure there will be some who are less than happy for our family. That’s okay. There is One who is smiling down on our crowded house. He rejoices in our growth and sends Love to us every day. No matter what happens, I will praise Him for giving us this new life to hold in my belly and (with His blessing) in my arms this February.

11 thoughts on “Training for a bigger event

  1. I had my tubes tied a year go after my third, and I regret my decision terribly. Congrats to you and your family! I just started following your blog, and am loving it

  2. Praise the Lord! What a blessing! Children truly are incredible! It is crazy to think of the amount of children we have whether it be 4 or 12 people always are quick to pass judgement. BUT it is our duty as Christ followers to raise up the next generation of Bible believing little people. People are always shocked to learn that my husband and I have 8 children and Lord willing we will continue to have more. We also home school them. I am so glad that I came across your blog! It is always great to meet people who share a lot of the same things as me. Many Blessings to yours! ~Danielle

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