Cherry Jello Poke Cake – and driving way too fast


Cherry Jello Poke Cake


I have officially lost my taste for driving in the city. I can’t handle it! This past weekend I drove over to the big city of Austin, Texas for a MommyCon Mini. It’s been years since I’ve driven in a city with more than 20,000 people in it. Anything bigger than a two-lane road makes my palms sweat. I was a little freaked out when I merged into the flow of traffic as I entered Austin.

I sort of looked like Ricky Bobby making his a comeback after his big wreck.

Ricky Bobby: I’m going fast again!

Cal Naughton, Jr.: How fast is he going?

Lucius Washington: 26 miles per hour.


Ya. That was me.

No wonder people in big cities are stressed! They all have to zoom around at high speeds and whip in and out of lanes without signaling while texting on their phones! That’s not the life for me, brother. From now on if I need to attend an event in a city bigger than Abilene I’m making Mr. Coers drive. Feminists everywhere might be cringing, but I’m planting myself in the passenger seat. He can open my car door for me too while we’re at it. And since I’m going old school with my mode of transportation – I might as well go old school with this fun Jello Poke Cake recipe from the 70’s.

Visit our new self-hosted site to get this super easy recipe:

3 thoughts on “Cherry Jello Poke Cake – and driving way too fast

  1. I hope to one day get out of the east coast and see all the world has to offer. I would love to visit Texas and see all these amazing cities. That Cherry Jello Poke Cake looks amazing to.

  2. Sis, you are too much, but I love it! Can’t get the smile off my face. To tell you the truth, my wife and I moved from Arizona (a small city) to Colorado (a small city) just last year. I DON’T miss the times we HAD to drive to Mesa and Phoenix!! I know what you mean. Even though I don’t drive due to disabilities now, I don’t even like to RIDE to big cities. Oh and if your hubby questions driving you and opening doors; let him know that CHIVALRY hasn’t died out completely!! LOL! 😉
    Also, I’m the baker in the house, my wife loves to cook, just not to bake, so I will be trying this new (CLASSIC) recipe!!
    God bless you and yours Sis, it’s always been a joy since I found your sites.

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