Potty Training – Tips for Success

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Check out our full post with Potty Training Tips on our new website: www.thecoersfamily.com/potty-training



Our soon-to-be two year old Abby is officially Potty Trained! She’s had great success using a few of these tips and tricks.

Tips for Potty Training success:

  • Embrace Accidents. Abby FREAKED the first time she peed without her trusty diaper to catch the mess. She screamed bloody murder. She ran around like she was on fire, spraying pee droplets everywhere. But I stayed cool. It’s all part of the learning process. If you have a drama queen or king on your hands, be chill. If you freak out too, they’ll be terrified. Be their voice of reason. Say, “Oh. It looks like you went pee pee. We need to pee pee in the potty chair so we don’t make a mess. Let’s get a towel and some new panties.” Keep a matter-of-fact tone and don’t make a fuss.
  • Pour on the praise. When they do use the potty successfully – shout it from the rooftops! Go overboard with it. Potty training tikes love extravagant praise. Smile big and cheesy. Call their daddy (or grandma, auntie, friend) on the phone and share the good news. Give high fives! You want them to be sure that using the potty is the best thing they could do right now.
  • Be consistent. If they’re having a particularly messy day you may be tempted to throw in the (pee-soaked) towel and put on a diaper. Try to hang in there. The mistakes and messes are valuable teaching tools. And they won’t last forever. I promise your little man won’t be whizzing on the rug on his way out the door for his college entrance exams. And on the flip side, don’t let up on the praise and rewards too soon. If they’re doing a great job and eating 50 M&Ms a day for using the potty – GREAT! Keep praising them for using the potty. You need a month to establish a habit. That’s right, you’re going to have to do the Potty Dance and keep on grinning at your kid while they strain to poop on the potty for at least 28 days. Consistently hand out rewards every single time the successfully use the potty. If you leave the house – take rewards with you for using the potty in public.
  • Don’t send mixed signals. Do not give rewards if your child has not peed or pooped in the potty chair. Even if they told you they needed to go, pulled down their undies, sat there patiently … No pee or poop = no stickers and M&Ms. It’s tough! I hated having to say no when Abby would hold out one chubby little hand and smile sweetly, waiting for her reward. I felt like the meanest mommy ever. But little brains need a clear message. Rewards are given for successfully using the potty. Otherwise you’ll find yourself being used as a human feeder bar when your little mouse realizes they can be rewarded just for sitting there. Don’t dole out the goodies for nothing – make them earn it.

Be sure to read our full post on our new site: www.thecoersfamily.com/potty-training to get the full details of our process and how to implement successful praise-based potty training for your little one.

Have any great tips to share? Post them in the comments below! I’ve got a set of twins waiting in the wings for their turn to potty train – so I can use plenty of advice.

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