Meal Planning for Two Weeks


With six children to feed we have to make sure we’re spending our money appropriately when it comes to grocery shopping. If we’re not careful, we’ll end up dropping $40 just for one trip to a fast food joint for a few burgers. We avoid eating out too often by planning our dinner menu for two-weeks and shopping accordingly.

When I first started menu planning, I found it difficult to come up with 14 different dinner ideas. It took time, but I searched several different sites and found a few ideas we liked. After a while it became easy to rattle off different dinner suggestions and put together a well-rounded two-week menu.

These are a few of my favorite sites for recipes and ideas:

Once you’ve gleaned a few good suggestions for your dinner menu – grab a notebook or sheet of paper.


I like to keep it simple. There are plenty of cute documents to download and print out for menus – but honestly, I never have time for that. So I just write out a little list on a sheet of notebook paper and stick it on the fridge. We’re pretty class ’round here.


I start out by numbering how many meals I need to plan.


Then I label the days next to the numbers.


And I’ll add the dates. There are a number of different ways to do this – as long as you’re keeping track of the number of meals and the days, you’re good. However you want to compose a list is your business. Just make sure you’re making a list!


Next I’ll fill in any “need-to-know” events coming up. For example, Scott’s dad was planning to visit for dinner one night. We had a birthday coming up, a board meeting for a local charity organization – and there are always sports practices, church events, and other things to consider for our schedule. I list all this out to remind myself what’s going on that particular day and plan a meal according to the schedule. Days that are full of baseball practice, piano lessons and church call for quick and easy meals. Evenings with guests mean I need to make time to prepare a nicer dinner. It’s helpful to put all that on your menu before you plan your meals.


Here’s an example of a recent two-week menu. It’s simple, nothing fancy – but it gets the job done. Once I’ve made my menu list, I’ll work on a grocery list. We shop for a full two weeks to keep us from going to the store too often and spending too much money. Plus once I have the goods on hand for a bunch of tasty dinners, I’m far less likely to order pizza or pick up burgers.

Two weeks worth might be a little daunting to start out. Try a weekly menu. You’ll save money and time with a little planning and enjoy a nice dinner at home with your family.

What are some of your favorite dinners? Do you plan a weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly menu?

8 thoughts on “Meal Planning for Two Weeks

  1. I am still improving my methods, but I am rarely home for a whole week so I don’t have to plan too far in advance. I like to go to the farmers market once a week for those goods anyway, its good exercise 😉

    • Hahaha….me too! I’m a bit bored with my normal weekly rotation and it’s getting a little colder, so trying to round up new ideas. For some reason desserts keep popping up, though 😉

  2. I do a 2 week meal plan as well. My hubby gets paid every 2 weeks so I meal plan from pay day to pay day and grocery shop on pay day as well. We are only a family of 3 (so far) but meal planning has cut our grocery bill almost in half. I do mine right on my fridge calendar though. My hubby works shift work so I find it easy to meal plan right on the calendar where his schedule and all our other commitments are. Also, with only 3 of us, I need to factor in 1 meal of leftovers (sometiems 2) per 2 week span. We don’t go to the grocery store in between either if i plan right. Sometimes we need more milk for the little one.
    Thanks for the recipe websites

  3. I used to do monthly plans and only make small trips back to the store weekly for produce and dairy. Now it is too difficult to shop for a month’s meals with all of the children! I’ve cut back to 2 weeks. I haven’t been quite as organized as you, but make a list of 14 or so meals and decide what to cook each day by looking at the list. I am excited to check out the sites you listed! Love your recipes, too!

  4. I find it extremely helpful to plan meals that I can prep for also. In other words, make grilled chicken one night and go ahead and grill extra chicken to add to the chicken and spaghetti the next night. I also find that I don’t have too many leftovers that go uneaten that way.

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