Giveaway: MommyCon Ticket!


In May I’ll be attending the Texas MommyCon Mini in Austin. My sister lives there with her twin daughters and we’ll be attending together with both sets of twins. I’m very excited!

What’s MommyCon you ask?

MommyCon is a boutique style convention. The focus is on natural parenting methods such as birth, breastfeeding, natural health and medicine, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, and car seat safety. In 2013, MommyCon will  be touring the United States, traveling to seven cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix (Mesa), Austin, Philadelphia, Portland, and Kansas City. MommyCon is a family friendly event and will have plenty of changing tables and comfy chairs for mom, dad and yes, even grandma. Adults 18 and over need a ticket to attend, but there are companion passes for the second family member in your party. Bonus: in the back of each seminar room they have toys for mom and baby to play with!

What will you see at a typical MommyCon? Seminars include awesome guest speakers like Jessica of The Leaky Boob, Jamie Grayson The Baby Guy NYC and many others! Each attendee will go home with a gift bag stuffed with great baby products. It’s a total mom-fest with cool products, entertaining and informative speakers, and professional demonstrations.

mommycon map

Would you like a chance to attend a MommyCon Mini in your area? Xza Louise, one of the founders of MommyCon, has graciously offered a free ticket to give to one of our readers to attend an upcoming 2013 MommyCon Mini in their area. Locations include:

  • Phoenix 4/14
  • Austin 5/19
  • Philadelphia 8/11
  • Portland 9/22
  • Kansas City 10/27

Click this Rafflecopter link to enter to win: MommyCon Ticket Giveaway

You’ll find several ways to enter on the widget listed on that link page. Share this giveaway on Facebook, leave a comment on this blog post, Tweet about it and more for several chances to win.

Contest ends Sunday, March 24, 2013!

Check out some great pictures from past events:






Update: March 24, 2013

And the winner is…

mommycon winner

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: MommyCon Ticket!

  1. The best way I found to soothe a crying baby is to nurse and wear them. My little man is 2 now and it has been 6 days since he has nursed. I did not try to wean him, he has done that on his own. Its makes me sad that he has stopped nursing, but whenever he is upset I still wear him.

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  3. This sounds like so much Fun! I tried cloth diapers and well, lets just say I did not do so well ! I wish I had more support! I am a fan, but my family members were not!

    • Cloth diapering can be a challenge! The only way I can do it is if the diapers are cute – and even then my husband has to help wash a load once in a while! 😉

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