Pizza Enchiladas from The $5 Cookbook


Tonight’s dinner is brought to you by The $5 Cookbook from The Bizy Mommy.

Pizza Enchiladas


These were super yummy! Delicious pizza filling, wrapped up like an enchilada. I invited my grandfather (Papa) and his lady friend Ann over for a test drive on this fun new recipe. The reviews were positive from everyone at the table.


Even the toddler enjoyed bite after bite! That’s a miracle itself!


We added sausage and bacon to our Pizza Enchiladas to make them a “Meat Lover’s” dish. I can definitely say we’ll be making these again and again.


Want the recipe?

Click here for details how you can win a FREE copy of The $5 Cookbook to download! The contest runs from March 4-8, 2013. Missed your chance to win? Head over to The Bizy Mommy and buy a copy. The $5 Cookbook is full of 20 quick and easy dinner recipes for busy weeknights.

After dinner we enjoyed story time with Papa. Good food and good company makes happy hearts.


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