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As a Christian parent, it can be difficult to find appropriate television shows for my family. My Littles love cartoons – and I love when they’re quite for five minutes. But I can’t in good conscience plop them down in front of some random show just to get a moment of peace. I need to know what they’re watching will uphold the truths we teach in our home. I want to trust their hearts will not be polluted with worldly nonsense and commercialism.

I was very happy to review an episode of Iesodo.

(from the site:) An original new animated series which features the universal messages and teachings from the most influential man in history. A wholesome, broad-based entertainment experience for the whole family. IESODO: Pronounced Ya-Sa-Doe means “The way of Jesus” in Japanese. Our creative approach is designed to bring the “teachings of Jesus” to kids and families through a high quality animated series.

Iesodo uses animated bird characters as representatives of New Testament figures to share the teaching of Jesus Christ to a new generation of children and families. Iesodo, the main character, represents Christ and is portrayed as a white dove. Other characters include: Rocky (Peter) a Bulbul bird, Tom (Thomas) an excitable Kingfisher, brothers Jacob and Jack (John and James) fishermen Pelicans, Barry (Paul) a Hoopoe – the state bird of Israel, and Maggie (Mary Magdelene) a beautiful Palestine Sunbird. The episodes are set in the Holy Land.

We first discovered Iesodo through our Twitter account. We received an invitation to privately screen the very first episode. I scooped up my two-year-old daughter Abby and together we logged on to and entered our access code.

Right away, Abby was engaged with the beautiful animation. She loved the birds, especially the funny Pelican brothers. She was enthralled for the entire 15-minute episode. I was very pleased with the high quality production. Often (and sadly) many Christian programs are lacking in graphics, voice acting talent, musical scores. Iesodo delivered quality entertainment with a solid Christian message. Abby and I both enjoyed watching the first episode. I would recommend this program to all my friends with children ages 2-10 years old.

You can learn more about Iesodo on their Facebook page as well as their Twitter account.

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