CDFC: We did it!

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We did it! A full month of using our cloth diapers regularly here at home – and four full Fridays of Cloth Diapers for a Cause.

cloth diaper 1

All tuckered out after a full day of saving money

We successfully used our cloth diapers consistently here at the house to save $25 to donate to World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. Having a goal helped keep us on track during the days when it would have been easy to give in and use disposables.

Saving money is always a goal here at our house. We have six children – we could easily justify using every penny saved for the expenses of raising a large family. As Christians we are called to help the poor, love our neighbors, and be a light by letting God use our lives for His glory. Today in my daily Bible reading, the very verse I used for our Cloth Diapers for a Cause post one month ago came up again:

bible verse

And my heart was filled with joy at this confirmation. God is pleased when we faithfully – and cheerfully – give to help others. Every day over 4,000 children DIE because they do not have access to clean water. Here in the United States our blessings are so abundant. We have cleaner water in our toilets than most children around the world drink. How can we not reach out and gladly give out of our abundance?

Using cloth diapers to save money to give to those in need is just one way to shine for The Lord. And it was fun! I love seeing little bottoms diapered in cute fabrics. Cloth diapers are in style right now. I see so many adorable brands all over the internet. Today I came across a fun giveaway on my Twitter feed. Adventures in Fluff is giving away a free SillyBilly StinkerBottoms Diaper (how cute is that brand name?) of your choice!

sillybilly diaper

photo from
I’m in love with this woven cotton Marvel comics print!

Head over to their site to check out the details. Contest ends February 18, 2013.

We absolutely love Diaper Circus diapers, but it’s fun to check out some adorable designs available online. Whichever brand you choose,  I hope you’ll consider using cloth diapers to be green and save money for your family. Perhaps some of the money you save can be donated to save lives.

One thought on “CDFC: We did it!

  1. Very good! I have three adult children and one 10 year old. Every time I became pregnant I had an aunt who tried to get me into using cloth diapers – didn’t go so well. I love that your passion for this cause would let you see beyond the comfortable and stretch yourself in this area. Very good, again!

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