QOTD: “Amen”

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Our fourth child, Abigail, is almost two years old. She’s this wonderful, funny, little person who soaks up everything in our home. She’s an amazing little learning machine. It’s a very fun time with miss Abby around.

We normally eat dinner at the table together as a family. Before we eat, we pray and thank God for his blessings. Dad leads us in prayer and we hold hands with each other and say “amen” when he’s finished blessing our food. Abby is so sweet when she flashes a happy grin and says her little “amen” along with us.

Abby mug

Precious and Precocious

Recently Dad was addressing some unpleasant behavior displayed by one of the Bigs. He was sternly lecturing, we were sitting quietly, the Bigs nodding.

He made his point and we all picked up our forks to resume eating.

Abby nodded solemnly and added, “Amen.”

It was nearly impossible to keep from laughing.

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