CDFC: A Look at the Diapers We Love

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It’s Day 3 of Cloth Diapers for a Cause here at the Coers house.

Just to recap: disposable diapers cost about 36 cents each. With three little bottoms to cover, we could spend almost $8 a day on diapers. By using cloth diapers daily here in our home, we can save about $2,900 a year. On Fridays, the money we save using cloth diapers will be set aside to donate to World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. In just four Fridays, we will save $25 – enough for a small donation to help provide clean water for families in another country.


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Saving money is awesome. Saving money for a great cause is even better.

Diaper Circus diapers keep us looking cute while we commit ourselves to being good stewards of our money and helping the poor. It may seem frivolous, but the cute prints and trim fit help mommy enjoy what can often be a messy job. I feel better when I pad their little bottoms in soft bamboo and adorable fabrics. I enjoy snapping pictures of my little ones in their Diaper Circus diapers, too.

Abigail - almost a year ago - in the Fair Isle print

Abigail – almost a year ago – in the Fair Isle print

Looking oh so classy in the Hound's Tooth diaper

Looking oh so classy in the Hound’s Tooth diaper

Daddy's Girl in her adorable diaper

Daddy’s Girl in her adorable diaper

Our little Abigail was a fabulous model for us when we first started using Diaper Circus. We’ve since added two more models to our home: Harmony and David.

Looking Good

Looking Good

Not only are they fabulously cute, they’re also super easy to use. Diaper Circus diapers are all-in-two diapers: an outer cover with a PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) – waterproof – inner lining, and an absorbent bamboo cloth prefold insert. Outer covers can be secured with snaps or velcro tabs (bye-bye scary pins). We prefer velcro tabs here at our house, which David quite enjoys playing with during feeding sessions.

Fun scratchy noises

Fun scratchy noises

Future nudist

Future nudist

Let’s take a look at how to assemble the diapers.


Assembling the diapers could not be easier. Take a cover, lay an folded insert in the middle, stretch to fit around the insert and you put this on baby just as you would a disposable diaper. What’s a prefold, you ask? It simply means a couple of seams are sewn into the diaper insert to give you guidelines how to fold. The inserts fold up like a fluffy little business letter. And let me tell you, they handle their business.

Before folding

Before folding

After folding - very easy

After folding – very easy

Diaper Circus diapers fit great, without the messy gaps I’ve noticed with other diaper brands.


They’re easy to clean and care-for. Inserts can be machine washed and tossed in the dryer. It’s best to let the covers air dry.

We clip ours to shelves to dry in our laundry room

We clip ours to shelves to dry in our laundry room

Simple. Stylish. Saving the planet and our money. Need more reasons to use cloth diapers? Check out Addie’s post here. She lists some reasons why to use cloth diapers, and takes a look at some excuses we might use to justify disposables. It’s good stuff.

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