Thankful Thursday: Good Health

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“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18


It’s been a very long two weeks. Seven out of eight Coers family members were sick. Mom was the last man standing, taking care of sick children and sick husband. We stayed home from church and other activities, on lock-down until the fevers passed and runny noses subsided. Two weeks is a long time to be home-bound.

And in all this, I thank the Lord.

I’m very thankful I did not get sick. I was able to care for my family. Despite being in extremely close contact (you can’t get much closer than breastfeeding) with very sick little ones, I stayed healthy. I know this is God’s blessing, allowing me to keep on my feet and dispense tissues, administer medicine, check temperatures, deliver meals to the convalescing in their bedrooms.

We’re talking about a modern day miracle. I was contaminated from every angle.

As I rocked babies, slack-jawed with the thousand-yard stare from lack of sleep and they sneezed into my open mouth, the Lord blessed me and kept me well. My toddler did not feel well, so she insisted on sharing my food. I stayed healthy. My oldest Big needed a hug and I held her feverish body close to me. I stayed healthy. My husband gave me a big goodbye kiss on his way to work, and returned home early, just a few hours later because he did not feel well. I stayed healthy. The shoulders of my shirt were coated in mucus from carrying the twins around, comforting them. I did not get sick.

God is good to grant busy moms that extra edge.

I thank Him for the good health He granted to me. I thank Him for the healing in my household and the recovery of my husband and children. I thank Him for the good friends that brought soup for our family. I thank Him for the prayers of our church family and friends.

God is so good.

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