Birth Stories: My Son Daniel

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“So there’s this boy,

he kind of stole my heart…

he calls me mom”

I’ve been writing a lot of birth stories lately. With six children, I have a lot of birth stories to tell. But I’ve saved this one for last. It’s a good story. There are funny parts, but there are sad parts.

This is my son Daniel’s birth story.

My due date had come and gone and I was busy working at a local pet clinic. I was 19 years old, busy with a toddler at home and a full time job. My fresh-out-of-high-school marriage was very troubled. I was very unhappy.

I had noticed contractions throughout the day. I knew I would be having a baby soon. I told my husband and we decided that since he had to work the late shift, I should spend the night at his mother’s house in town. So I spent the night on a mattress on the floor in their living room. My toddler slept with her young aunt. My husband was supposed to be back around midnight.

I woke up at 2 a.m. with strong contractions and I felt I needed to get to the hospital. The house was dark. He had not come back. I thought maybe he had to work late. I left a note for his mother and decided to drive a few miles to where he worked.

The contractions weren’t too strong until I pulled into the empty parking lot.

He was gone. He wasn’t working late. He left me at his mother’s house, knowing I was in early labor, and lied to me about working.

So I drove myself to the hospital. I pulled over twice for contractions. I was emotionally numb when I walked into the Labor and Delivery Ward alone with my backpack of baby clothes.

The nurses quietly set me up in a room and I cried.

A few hours passed and he found me there, alone in the hospital. He apologized, half-heartedly. It was the beginning of the end of our relationship.

A few more hours passed, I had an epidural and slept.

My young sister-in-law came in to visit. She had woken me from a little nap and my body felt strange. I was very heavy. I asked her to call a nurse. I explained that I felt “weird.”

The nurse checked me and exclaimed “Oh my goodness! There’s his head!”

Nap over. I was very much awake. The nurse called out to another nurse and the room was filled with a flurry of activity. She held her hand over my son’s crowning head until the doctor came into the room. Lights shone bright and my son was quickly delivered. He was howling before he was fully out.

Suddenly there he was – a perfect little man. Something special happens to a woman with her first son. It’s an indescribable feeling, a fierce need to protect this tiny person who will someday grow taller than his mother. I knew no matter what would happen, he would always be my son. My boy. My Daniel.

He’s taller than me now. It’s so strange to look up at my son. I still vividly remember holding his little body in my arms and falling in love with him. He is precious to me. Born in sadness, but he gives me such joy. We share the same quirky sense of humor. And he’s a brilliant musician with a kind heart. How can I not love this boy God gave to me?

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