Two-For-Tuesday: Our Twins Harmony and David


It’s a two-for-one special here at the Coers house: I’m proud to introduce our twins, Harmony and David. Our two youngest Littles keep us on our toes.

Harmony Grace and David William

Harmony Grace and David William

Harmony and David are fraternal twins, two completely different people – not identical at all. It’s actually extremely rare for different gendered twins to be identical. It’s considered a genetic mutation, and the girl twin in the pair would have Turner Syndrome. There are less than 10 confirmed cases of boy/girl identical twins.

Harmony and David could not be more different from each other. He’s very outgoing, social to the point of being flirtatious. She’s more somber in the presence of strangers. He is usually more easy-going. She has a fierce temper, which is why we call her our little Fire Ant.


“Stop touching me!”

We are often stopped whenever we go out with our twins. Everyone wants to squeeze their little cheeks and say their oohs and aahhs. It’s fun. We get the standard twin questions, too.

1. Are they twins?

“Nah, I just like to take the neighbor’s baby shopping too.” This question just cracks me up. I suppose you never know, they could be cousins. But a repair man asked me if they were twins once while I was tandem nursing both of them. Serious?


2. Do twins run in your family?

Yes, my mother is a fraternal twin. A woman’s ability to have fraternal twins can be influenced by heredity. It’s called hyperovulation, releasing more than one egg in a cycle. The trait is genetically passed on from mother to daughter. My mother did not have twins. But I did, and so did my sister. Men can pass on a hyperovulation gene to their daughters. However, men do not influence whether or not their wives will have twins. Men don’t produce eggs. That’s our job.


A couple of good eggs

3. Are they identical?

This one always gets me. They don’t look anything alike. They’re always clearly dressed according to their genders: boy clothes, girl clothes. Identical means the same – well, I can spot a major difference in the diaper area. I have to bite my tongue from saying things like, “Oh yes, everything but their privates.”


We are not identical

4. Were they a surprise?

I think this is a polite way of asking if we used IVF treatments. I laugh, because they were most certainly a surprise. I conceived the twins five months after giving birth to my fourth child. We were using the Rhythm Method and we forgot to check the calender one evening. Sort of a double oops. But a happy one.


Ha ha ha! Our parents can’t count.

5. Which one is older?

Harmony Grace is 4 minutes older. Her brother was pulled out by his feet, like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.


Say what?

The extra attention definitely tacks on time for any trip out of the house, but it’s fun. Taking care of two babies is hard work and it’s nice to feel like a celebrity when we go to Walmart.


“You’ve got something on your face, bro.”

I absolutely love being a twin mommy and I wouldn’t change a thing. Harmony and David are so much fun. People will often give me wide-eyed looks and exclaim, “You sure got your hands full!”


Harmony: “What do you want to do today, bro?”
David: “Wreck the house.”

I always smile and say, “Yes! Full of good things.”

4 thoughts on “Two-For-Tuesday: Our Twins Harmony and David

  1. You know, it’s funny how people ask all sorts of very personal questions when it comes to kids!! How on earth is it anyone’s business if a child (or children) were a surprise?! That’s your sex life they’re talking about, for goodness sake!! LOL We get asked that about Samuel because the older kids are so much older, but he wasn’t. I had miscarriages between the kids, which is the reason for the spacing.
    I bet you DO feel like a celebrity when you go out with them – such fun! Plus, being homeschoolers that always adds a WOW factor. 😉

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