CDFC: A Small Set Back


Four out of our six children are sick. Our Littles: six-month-old twins and our 20-month old, and our oldest Big: the 14-year-old, are all coughing running low-grade fevers and generally feeling miserable. It’s a sad day at Casa de Coers.

Four little sickos

Four little sickos

Days like today make it difficult to keep up with our cloth diaper efforts.

Since I’ve started Cloth Diapers for a Cause, I’ve been more diligent about using our cloth diapers daily. I’ve already saved enough money to cover this one bad day. We will still be using cloth diapers today, we’ve just had a slow start as we doled out medicines and worked to make little (and big) bodies comfortable.

While sickos are napping and I’m giving our diapers an extra wash cycle (it was a very poopy day yesterday), I’m happily oggling the new fabric selections from Diaper Circus. One of the biggest perks for me to cloth diaper is the adorable prints and fabrics. Disposable diapers are ugly. Diaper Circus diapers are très chic!

Addie is considering a few of these new prints. She posted pictures on their Diaper Circus Facebook page. I think I’m in love!

bicycles  damask

dinosaurs  stars

How cute are those fabrics? I love the idea of looking stylish while saving money. And I really love using some of that savings to bless others. Two CDFC days down, two more to go in order to save $25 for the World Vision Clean Water Fund.

What are some ways you can save money and bless those in need?

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