Thankful Thursday: 10 Reasons to Rejoice

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“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” – Psalm 107:1

I have so many reasons to thank God. He has forgiven my sins, saved my soul, and redeemed my life. He has blessed me with good health and happiness. I have a beautiful family.

coers 013

God supplies all our needs. He guides us as parents. He shows us how to love others. God is good. Here in the Coers house, we are very thankful. On Thursdays I’d like to list 10 specific blessings. Did you know that as you count your blessings you increase your happiness? Studies have shown thankful people are less likely to be depressed. It makes sense really. Stopping to marvel at all God has given you lifts your spirit and blesses your soul.

My Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful Today:

  1.  My son Daniel is excelling in piano. It blesses my heart to hear him play.
  2. The weather was lovely here with clear skies and warm sunshine.
  3. We have an abundance of food in our refrigerator.
  4. My children are sick. But we have all the medicine they need to get well soon.
  5. I have a lot of laundry. That means my house is full of life.
  6. My husband has a good job with a Christian employer.
  7. I’m typing with one hand because the other is holding a sleeping baby.
  8. I’ve lost 10 pounds since January 1st.
  9. There are fresh flowers in my living room, courtesy of my sweet husband.
  10. In a house with six children I can still find a few minutes to write each day.

I feel uplifted already! What are you thankful for this Thursday? Please share in the comment section below. It’s a joy to read about how God has blessed others.

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