QOTD: “Are there any I can buy?”


Homeschooling may have its drawbacks. For instance, my children might be a little too sheltered.

Lately I’ve been sending my two older Bigs into the store all by themselves to purchase one or two items. No sense unloading the Littles. Just send a Big.

Today I needed a couple of newspapers for an art project. I gave my son Daniel instructions to walk to the convenience store one block over and buy a newspaper. I handed him $1.50 and fully expected him to have no trouble at all.

Daniel QOTD

“Don’t worry, mom. I got this.”

He returns about ten minutes later with one small free publication. Apparently this is how it went down:

He spots a rack of newspapers, grabs one and approaches the cashier.

“How much is this?” he asks (without having noticed the large FREE printed on the front corner)

The cashier gives him a confused look and answers, “That’s free.”

Starting to feel a little silly, he stood at the counter, craned his head to look around the store and asked, “Are there any I can buy?”

The cashier looks at him again and asked, “Are you lost?” To her credit, here’s a 13-year-old boy in the store at 10 am on a school day, trying to buy free papers. She probably thought he was on drugs.

Daniel decides to scrape together whatever dignity he can salvage, wanders briefly around the store, “browsing” and then slinks out the door, defeated.

He may never go back to 7-11 again.

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