QOTD: Boogers

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Our fourth child is dealing with a yucky case of croup. This morning she set the tone for the day by saying “Boogers,” instead of her usual “Hi mommy” when I woke her up.

She wasn’t lying. There has been a veritable fount of boogers all day.

It’s traumatic for her. Whenever they creep out of her nose she gasps and looks at me with panic in her eyes and says, “Boogers!” We have to run to her aid with a tissue and save her from the evil blobs escaping from her nostrils.

This is her second bout with croup. It’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle to breath. She’s a very out-going little girl and we had to keep her and the Littles home with mommy on Sunday while the Bigs went to church with daddy. She was devastated.

Daddy went to church without me

Daddy went to church without me

She’s on the mend today. Still unhappy about the dreaded “Boogers” that plague her little face from time to time. Mommy is standing by with a tissue and a hug.

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