Cheeseball Recipe

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cheeseball closeup

During years past, when the women of my family were planning the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and everyone was getting dish assignments, I was given cheeseball duty because it’s the easiest dish to make. Back in the day I was not the world’s greatest cook. So every holiday season during my late teens and early 20’s I whipped up our family cheeseball.

My Nanny (grandmother) always praised my oh-so-delicious cheeseball. She was trying to inspire culinary confidence.

Once I FINALLY progressed beyond the cheeseball stage, I was very proud to bestow the honor upon my youngest daughter, Vivian. At age eight she was already at the cheeseball stage, well on her way to becoming a young chef.

Vivian's first Cheeseball. She chose slivered almonds for the outer coating. Already improving on family classics like a pro.

Vivian’s first Cheeseball. She chose slivered almonds for the outer coating. Already improving on family classics like a pro.

Seeing the cheeseball every Thanksgiving and Christmas reminds me of times spent sitting at the kitchen table, mixing the soft cheeses and watching the pros take care of the rest. And now, when I am working as the pro, I smile when I see my daughter on cheeseball duty.

Our Family Cheeseball Recipe


1 pkg cream cheese, softened

1 jar Old English Cheese

Worchestershire Sauce

Garlic Salt

Chopped Pecans

Parsley Flakes

Mix the Old English and cream cheese together with a few dashes of Worchestershire sauce and garlic salt in a large mixing bowl. I find this is most easily done with clean hands. Just get in there and mix those cheeses. After mixing completely, set the bowl in the fridge to cool and allow the cheeses to firm. After at least an hour, spread parsley flakes and chopped pecans onto a large plate. Take out your bowl of cheeses. Wash your hands again. Reach in there and grab that mess of mixed up cheese and get it all in your hands. Ball it all up and smooth the outside. Roll your gigantic ball of tasty goodness around on the plate, coating it with parsley and pecans.

Set the cheeseball onto a pretty plate and put it back into the fridge for at least another hour to firm.

Best served with Ritz crackers.


Accomplished cheeseball chef

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