CDFC: Day One

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Today is our first day to Cloth Diaper for a Cause.

I set my calendar on my iPhone to give us an alert every Friday. We’ve chosen one day out of the week to cloth diaper for a purpose.


With six children to manage, I need all the help I can get. My little iPhone keeps me on task throughout my day. Some days I’m happy to have my electronic assistant remind me to stay on target. Especially when we start our day like this:


When Harmony Grace ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy. We call her our little Fire Ant because she gets super mad super fast and then she’s red all over. It also didn’t help that my diapers were all in the basket, not sorted or set up for easy use.


But sometimes you just have to roll with it.

When you have a good cause to support, it’s a little easier to push through the set-backs. We’ve chosen to cloth diaper on Fridays to save money to donate to the World Vision Clean Water Fund.

If I use cloth diapers exclusively all day today for my three littles, I will save $6.50. After four Fridays of Cloth Diapering for a Cause we will save $25 for a small donation. It’s just a drop in the bucket really. But little things add up. Today we’re doing a little thing to help others in need.

What little thing can you do to help others?

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