Chicken and Dumplings


Nothing beats a bowl of chicken and dumplings on a cold, rainy day. I “cheat” a bit, using canned cream of chicken soup to enhance the broth and frozen biscuit dough for the dumplings – but there’s no shame in my game. This is without a doubt the easiest way to make a hearty, rich, creamy bowl of delicious chicken and dumplings.

Chicken and Dumplings


  • 1 Chicken
  • Water
  • 2 Cans of evaporated milk
  • Onion
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • 1 Tablespoon poultry seasoning
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Large can of cream of chicken soup (family size)
  • Frozen biscuits

Put the chicken in a big pot, with some chopped onion (large pieces are easier to remove later),add bay leaves, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper to preference. Let this come to a boil and then cover and simmer until the chicken is fully cooked, about one hour, sometimes two if you have a larger chicken.

While the chicken is cooking, set out frozen biscuits to thaw.


Once chicken is cooked, remove from pot, and get out a big bowl and a strainer. You’re going to drain the chicken stock through a strainer into the bowl. The strainer catches all the chunks of onion and bits of chicken, leaving you with your stock. Pour the stock back into the pot.


Add large can of cream of chicken soup, along with two cans of evaporated milk. Whisk to mix well.

Separate your chicken from the bone and skin, put the chunks of chicken into a separate bowl to add later.


You can save the discarded bones and skin to use for another batch of chicken stock. Simply store them in a zip-lock bag in your freezer until needed.

Cut thawed biscuits into fourths.


Heat chicken stock to boiling. Stir frequently to keep from scalding. Carefully drop biscuit dough into boiling stock (please don’t splash boiling chicken stock on your arms… it’s horrible). As the dumplings cook, they’ll rise back to the top. Turn down the heat to a simmer and put a lid on the pot and allow your dumplings to cook for ten to fifteen minutes.

Once the dumplings have had time to cook, add the chicken, stir, and turn off the heat. Allow it to sit, covered, for about fifteen minutes and serve.


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